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Savannakhet is the capital of Savannakhet Province, and is located alongside the Mekong River. With a population of about 120,000 it is the second largest city of Laos, and widely considered to be its business capital.

Get in Savannakhet.

By plane, Flight to Savannakhet.

Savannakhet has an airport. While there have been direct flights from Vientiane in the past it seems as though Lao Airlines (the only domestic Laos carrier) has terminated the route for the time being. Lao Airlines does offer several direct flights a week from/to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport. Additionally, some Lao Airlines flights from Siem Reap to Luang Prabang make a stop in Savannakhet; a Siem Reap to Savannakhet flight may be possible if you contact the airline.

There are direct flights from Bangkok only on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday.

By bus to Savannakhet.

There is bus service from Vientiane to Savannakhet. For the time being it is the only way to practically get to Savannakhet from the capital. It is a 9 hour bus ride on a newly paved road. While the ride is long, it is an excellent way to see the local villages and lush country side of Laos.

There are two different types of buses that service the route:

* Local Bus - leaves from Vientiane and Savannakhet at different times of the day and makes many different stops. Costs 60,000 kip one way. There is also a local bus running from Lao Bao (35,000 Kip)

* VIP Bus - much like the local bus, but there are less stops, assigned seats and all important air conditioning. Less frequent and costs more, but well worth it.


* A new bridge, the Second Thai–Lao Friendship Bridge (the first connects Nong Khai/Vientiane) across the Mekong to Mukdahan, Thailand opened to the general public on January 9, 2007. There is a regular bus service between Mukdahan and Savannakhet, with departures approximately once an hour. Cost of the trip from Savannaket to Mukdahan is 45 Thai Baht (or 14,000 Kip).

* Daily buses make the 5 hour trip from Lao Bao in Vietnam via SeponLocal bus 7(or9)am and noon.

* There is also a bus every second day to Dong Ha in Vietnam to Savahnnaket via Lao Bao, most guest houses will know where this service leaves from, so ask around.
* International Bus VIP to Hue leave 10AM Monay-Friday 8Hr. and Lowcost Bus leave 10or11 PM Dairly cross broader in morning and arrived Hue about noon next day.

Get around in Savannakhet.

The easiest way to get around Savannakhet is by foot. Tuk-tuk's are also available around the city and are an easy way to get to a specific location in a quick manner. Just be cautious about the fee for the tuk-tuk and always set the price before the ride.

Places to see in Savannakhet.

* Savannakhet Tourist Office - (off of Khantabuli Road, before the Post Office) a must visit for those wishing to see the city/area. The office offers many different local walking tours as well as a wide variety of eco tours. They also have a comprehensive free map of the city (extremely important). The staff is very attentive and speaks good english.

* That Ing Hang Stupa - This 16th century stupa is one of the most revered in the country of Laos. Each year in February, many Buddhist's journey to this holy site for an annual festival. It is located 15 km north of Savannakhet. Tuk Tuk ride should cost 70,000 kip round-trip.

* Wat Sayaphum - a 15th century temple

* DinoPark - an amusement park under construction - basically a small field with huge, caricaturesque statues of dinosaurs and a playground

What to do in Savannakhet.
* Savannakhet Tennis Club - (on Khantabuli Road) While the tennis clubhouse may look it needs upgrading, the three courts are in good condition. Court fee is 20,000 kip. Bring your own racquets.

* Just relax in some of the cheap cafe's around, maybe rent a bike and explore this little French colonial town. In the evening catch a beer by the river and take some time out from the road.

* Lao Massage for just 30,000 kip at Dok Champa on the main street. Excellent after a trek

* Eco-tourism treks advertised in most guesthouses are fantastic. Homestays, forest food, school visits, local guides, etc... Highly recommended.
* Savan Vegas, [1]. Open 24-hours a day, the casino offers restaurants, entertainment, the promotions. edit

Public facilities in Savannakhet.

* The Provincial Post Office - (on Khantabuli Road)You can rent a PO Box for 100.000 kip like 9 euro for 1 year and then every body can send mail too your pobox in Lao

* Savannakhet Regional Hospital - (on Khantabuli Road down from the post office) A public hospital which offers the highest level of care in the Savannakhet province.

* Banque Pour Le Commerce Exterieur Lao- (on Latsavongseuk Road) ATM located outside of bank. It accepts most foreign ATM cards. To exchange foreign currency, go inside the bank and bring a piece of identification.

* Lao Development Bank - (on Oudomsin Road) offers many of the same services as the other bank.


* There is an ATM next to the BCEL Bank on Th. Ratsaphanith that accepts (at least) Visa, Mastercard and Maestro (withdrawal with Visa was temporarily not available as of Nov. 2007)

* Dao Heuang Duty Free Shop - (on Sisavangong Road adjacent to the Dao Heuang coffee shop) a duty free shop that offers a variety of products including cigarettes, chocolates, liquor, and cuban cigars. One can also find a wide variety of Dao Coffee (largest coffee producer in Laos) products.

* The main roads in the city will have many different smaller shop's offering a wide variety of products.

Where to eat / Restaurants in Savannakhet.

There is a wide selection of small bars and cafes up on the river front at the north end of town.

For baguette sandwich and cheap street food (around 5000 kip each) head to Ratsavongseuk street for cold beer lao great fish and chips/pizza and local food try Phathxalin Restaurant 009/1 Ratssavongseuk street cool western music and pool table

* Lao Paris Restaurant, (off Thahae Road (the street closest to the Mekong River)). seems to have closed down.

The Lonely Planet S-E Asia guide everyone carries focuses on the southern tip of town. Unfortunately, most of the listed restaurants have disappeared. Instead, head to just north of the concentration of guesthouses and find some great restaurants with fondue or hotpot, chili-basil frog etc. (30-40,000 Kip)

* French Restaurant Dao Savanh, (off Khantabuli Road near the court yard in front of the Catholic Church). Serves both lunch and dinner meals for a reasonable price - the 3 course "Menu Dejeuner" for lunch (around 65,000 kip) is absolutely scrumptious, and a larger dinner menu includes entrees from 100,000-300,000 kip. The ultimate decadent dish (with a hefty price) is the 1kg imported fresh lobster flambéed in whiskey for 1,000,000 kip. The staff are very attentive and all the dishes are presented in an excellent manner. Possibly the epitome of fine French dining in Laos. edit


* There are many different street cafes and restaurants that serve a variety of drinks, especially the ubiquitous Beer Lao.

* Many local cafes serve traditional Laos coffee with condensed milk at the bottom and the coffee on top.

* For traditional cappuccino, latte or ice coffee, there are two Dao Heuang coffee shops, one in the court yard in front of the Catholic Church, the other on Sisavangong Road (just down the road from the bus station).

Hotel, Lodge, Guest House in Savannakhet for Sleep.


* Leena's Guesthouse. (on Chao Kim Road) Town centre location. Clean rooms with one double or two single beds, cable TV, air-con, and free coffee/tea in the morning.A great hotel! It has also swedish TV-channels!! US$ 8. edit

* Nongsoda Guesthouse. (on Tha He Road) On the road nearest the Mekong. Clean though dingy air-con rooms, but no TV and no restaurant. US$11. edit


* Hoongthip Hotel, (near the Savannakhet Tennis Club). Free high speed Internet for guests. US$25. edit


Savan Vegas & Casino is the first, and only, five star hotel and Casino to the north of town. The hotel has 180 rooms, accessed by four glass elevators, and features the largest swimming pool in the area as well as a spa offering massages and treatments. Savan Vegas is open 24 hours a day and has more than 380 slot machines and 80 table games. There are several restaurants and bars available, including a buffet. [2]

There is an new Hotel on the Mekong it name is Daosavanh resort & spa ,All rooms offers the comfort of privacy with spacious size an Lao handicarft of woodworrk décor. The have 83 rooms ,swimming pool with pool bar
[edit] Stay safe

* Watch where you walk during your visit in Savannakhet. There are many holes in the sidewalk which could lead to a decent fall into the sewer system.

* While Savannakhet is a safe city with police presence on main roads, be careful at night by staying on main roads that are well lit. Don't wander down dark alleys.

Postal service in Laos is slow and not particularly reliable, although outgoing mail is usually OK. As of January 2006, sending a postcard to most of the world outside Asia costs 7000 kip.

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